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Attentive Hosting Team

We take an extremely attentive approach when it comes to hosting your website. You’ll never have that gut-wrenching feeling of seeing your site down, with pound signs ticking away of all the lost business. We’ve all had first-hand experiences in this, and it’s our priority to eliminate any excuses. Our dedicated platform allows us to monitor 24/7 at 60-second intervals, which instantly notify our developers if a problem occurs. That means we can dive in and get the site live again before you even know that it’s gone down. We have multiple availability zones and replication, which means should there be a problem with the data centre your server resides in, it’ll automatically failover to another data centre. We aim for response times of below 0.1seconds.

Bespoke Hosting Packages

It’s essential that you only pay for what you need – and that means paying as you go for the resources you need. Not every day is the same – you’ll have different promotions and activity throughout the year – so when you need to unleash computing power our hosting service is capable of handling an infinite number of visitors. It’s lightning fast, no matter how busy your website is, meaning you’ll not be caught out by a surge in traffic.



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